Our mission

Wageningen Agricultural Monitoring supports your trading decisions by providing you with insights in expected yields of agricultural products, at every stage of the growing season, in every location of the world.

Your challenge

As a consequence of increased weather variability and climate uncertainty harvests of agricultural produce are also becoming more uncertain. Just like a weather forecast, a yield forecast helps you to reduce your risks to unexpected over- or undersupply of your product, already early on in the growing season.  For example, a sudden increase of supply of agricultural produce by your farmers requires you to sell a lot of produce quickly at a lower price. Alternatively, a sudden decrease in supply might force you to buy produce from elsewhere at higher prices with a need to pay for higher transport causes. A forecast of expected yields prepares you for these eventualities, and allows you to take timely actions.


Wageningen Agricultural Montitoring (WAM) B.V. is a start-up company from Wageningen, the Netherlands, that was established in 2019 as a spin-off of Wageningen University and Research. As a team of experienced agro-meteorological and data science experts, we are driven to help our private sector clients to better understand the development of crops. We (Allard de Wit, Hendrik Boogaard, and Sander Janssen) jointly have more than 40 years of experience in crop yield forecasting, crop development and the use of data science techniques. Our passion is to bring agronomic knowledge and data science to use in real life applications that allow decision makers to be better prepared at the risks they face.


Do you want to better understand the supply of your agricultural produce and expected developments?

Contact Sander at sander.janssen@wageningenam.com

Wageningen Agricultural Monitoring is based in Wageningen, the Netherlands and listed in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, kvk, under number: 74168371